Abrumarse in english

abrumar = bog down ; engulf ; overwhelm ; swamp ; overpower ; weigh + heavily upon ; weigh down ; overburden. 

Example: There is increased evidence that we are being bogged down today as specialization extends.Example: Societal changes shaking all established institutions to their foundations also threaten to engulf the public library.Example: The concern is that this sudden and increased flow of information is simply going to overwhelm us.Example: The recommendations seemed to indicate that the British Library would have been swamped with relegated books from the low-use stock of university libraries.Example: She was overpowered by a feeling of impotence.Example: Librarians, led by men like Melvil Dewey, spent the majority of their waking hours attempting to reduce library work to a 'mechanical art', and their mind-numbing articles weighed heavily upon the pages of 'Library Journal'.Example: The passages describing the environment, though lushly written, are inclined to weigh down the narrative thrust of the novel.Example: Our prison system is greatly overburdened by non-violent drug offenders.


» abrumar con atencioneskill + Nombre + with kindnesssmother + Nombre + with kindness .

Example: But somewhere between killing them with kindness and berating them at boot camps, there must be another way.

Example: Her father is no ogre, but since her mother and sister's died her father has basically smothered her with kindness, not allowing her any freedom.

» abrumar + Posesivo + sentidosoverwhelm + Posesivo + senses .

Example: A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size.
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