Abrazada in english

abrazar = hug ; cuddle ; embrace ; enfold ; give + Nombre + a hug. 

Example: Parents can show warmth and caring by hugging their children and reassuring them of parental love and concern for their welfare.Example: The girl blushed, then leaned over and cuddled him for a few seconds.Example: When he fell to the ground, out of nowhere, a woman rushed to his side and embraced him.Example: And the colors, especially early morning and late evening, surround you, enfold you, with their ever-shifting shades.Example: Halfway through the evening, my best friend pulled me aside and gave me a massive hug -- "What's that in aid of?" I asked.


» abrazar por atrásspoon [Generalmente en posición horizontal (como a veces se colocan las cucharas) y en pareja] .

Example: We love spooning naked on the couch, especially when I move her leg and slide my cock right into her.

» abrazar una causaembrace + a cause .

Example: By supporting her, you embrace a cause that seeks to give children a stronger voice in making the future more 'perfect' for us all.

» abrazar una ideologíaembrace + an ideology .

Example: This article wards librarians against embracing the ideology of commerce and income generation.
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