Absolute in spanish

absolute = absoluto. 

Example: It's already difficult to find a lot of these things as it is, but it would be absolute irresponsibility to go to a title-main entry.


» absolute certainty = certeza absoluta.

Example: Fallibilism is the philosophical doctrine that absolute certainty about knowledge is impossible, or at least that all claims to knowledge could, in principle, be mistaken.

» absolute majority = mayoría absoluta.

Example: The decisions of the General Assemblies shall be taken by an absolute majority apart from the exceptions provided for in these Statutes.

» absolute majority vote = voto de la mayoría absoluta.

Example: In an absolute majority vote, candidates need more than 50% of the vote to win the election.

» be an absolute outrage = clamar al cielo.

Example: I cannot believe the total disregard to the public interest that we have seen here this afternoon, it is an absolute outrage.

» in absolute terms = en términos absolutos.

Example: The poverty of the majority of social workers' clients -- who are either women at home with dependent children, or single parents, or the elderly, or carers -- is increasing in absolute terms.
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